GCH Series

The GCH series is a proven hoist made for industrial use in a wide variety of applications. With over ten years now on the market, the Swiss have refined the GCH to a perfect balance between affordability and reliability.

Slipping Clutch

The slipping clutch serves as an overload protection and protects the motor and the crane system against over loading. It is located in front of the brake, outside the flow of forces and runs dry with very low maintenance. The slipping clutch is easily accessible and adjustable. Polygonal design, allows us to replace the wear discs without disassembling the clutch.

Chain Guide

Highly wear-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic ensures long life, and a two part construction allows for individual disassembly for quick and easy maintenance.

Geared Limit Switch

Upper and lower adjustable rotary limit switches prevent over lifting. A finely threaded axle shaft combined with interchangeable pinion gears allows for complete lift control from 2 meters to 150 meters all in one unit.