KB Lite Rail

The GISKB light crane system is the perfect solution for the fast and safe overhead transport of your goods. Due to its flexible and modular design the crane system can be tailored to the needs of your workplace. Quick quotes, drawings and material lists for monorail, single bridge and double bridge designs through our KB calculation program. Additionally, GISKB wall-mounted slewing jib cranes or pillar slewing jib cranes are available.


  • Available in monorail, single bridge and double bridge executions
  • Monorails with profile bends 30° and 45°
  • Single bridge suspended cranes standard or low headroom execution
  • Four profile sizes (GISKB I - IV) able to be combined flexibly
  • Trolleys and rolling apparatuses with quiet plastic rollers
  • Crane and cross travel powered manually or electrically
  • Electric trolley available in single speed, dual speed and frequency controlled
  • Profiles in customer-specific colours
  • Zinc-plated profiles
  • Suspended cranes with branch terminal lines
  • Suspended cranes with one or two-sided telescopic jib
  • Crane tracks with several transverse bridges
  • Drop stations
  • Console cranes
  • Shelf-storage operation units
  • Travel limit switch for electrical moving
  • Radio remote control
  • Suspension rigid, direct, pendulating short or distanced
  • Power supply via trailing cable, C-rail or external conductor line
  • Freestanding systems
  • Special suspensions
  • Power supply via energy chain or internal conductor line

Customer's Benefit

Modularity, lightweight construction, flexibility, dust protection and simple installation.

Compared to traditional structural steel beams the GISKB crane system with hollow profiles are better protected from dust and debris which ensures for trolleys maintain their quiet running properties, effortless manual movement and long life.

  • Due to the modular design GIS KB crane systems are easy to plan and install
  • All components are bolt on, allowing subsequent retrofitting and extension of existing systems without problems
  • Adjustable ceiling brackets allows for various heights and configurations on existing ceiling construction
  • Power supply options for a trailing cable, a C-rail or a conductor line can be chosen