End Trucks

Whether used on overhead bridge cranes, as transfer carts or rail carts, on A-Frame gantry cranes, as top running hoist trolleys, under running monorail trolleys, indoors or outdoors - top running and under running end trucks are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions. With over 35 years as a crane component manufacturer and supplier, you can expect precision accuracy with a Hydramach End Truck.

Manufactured in Canada.


Geared Brake Motor

Single, dual speed and variable frequency drive (VFD) rated inline helical geared brake motors with spring setting disc brakes and IP 65. These come in a wide range of travel speeds and mounting configurations.

Steel Frame Construction

Heavy channel construction and end plates with anti-derailing profile. 
Built to fit S&W sections and many patented track profiles.

Anti-Drop Plates & Rubber Stop

Anti-drop plates increase safety coefficient of work. 

Standard shock absorbing rubber end stops.

Travel Wheels

Single & double flanged in plain or precision geared made of high strength ductile iron castings and machined at a NC machining center to ensure consistent and accurate tolerances. Complete with deep grooved, shielded ball bearings. Spark resistant bronze 9C material available upon request.


Top Running

The most widely used design, top running cranes run on square bar or ASCE type rail mounted on top of the runway girders which are usually supported by columns integrated into the bay design. Top running cranes optimize headroom and are usually the go to in cranes above 20 ton capacity.

Under Running

Mounted under the runway girders under running cranes are perfect for maximizing the working area as the load is able to move under the runways and even cantilever outside.

Motorized, Hand Geared and Push/Pull

Our endtrucks come in a wide variety of configurations to suit any working need. Motorized dual speed and single speed VFD rated inline helical geared brake motors offered in many speed option (80/20 ft/min as standard).

Custom Builds

Replacing exisiting endtrucks? Send us your specs and we can build a new set to suit your crane.


  • Top running and under running endtrucks
  • Single girder and double girder design
  • Rugged channel design
  • Up to 50 ton capacity
  • Using high strength iron cast crane wheels with precision sealed bearings
  • Three through twenty inch wheel diameters
  • Available in 230, 460 and 575 VAC supplies
  • Available in Spark Resistant (aluminum bronze)
  • Single and dual speeds (Variable Frequency Drive rated - VFD)
  • Anti-derailing end plates
  • Anti-drop plates
  • Bolted or weld girder connections