GP Series

Rugged construction, complemented by Swiss precision and advanced manufacturing procedures, make GIS Electric Chain Hoists unlike any others on the market. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing chain hoists, GIS offers exceptional performance in a wide variety of applications.

Load Chain – Profile Design

The higher cross-sectional area reduces wear and increases the lifetime of the chain. The GP has a chain safety factor of at least 8-times (FEM, 2m, ISO, M5). The case hardened and manganese phosphated profile steel chain provides about 15% more capacity at an identical nominal diameter compared to the round steel chain. 25% increase in service life from GCH.

Polygonal Connections

All shaft-hub connections are built to a polygonal design. This allows significantly faster disassembly and assemblyduring maintenance reducing service costs. Replacing the chain wheel and chain guide in 15 minutes.

Slipping clutch

The slipping clutch serves as an overload protection and protects the motor and the crane system against over loading. It is located in front of the brake, outside the flow of forces and runs dry with very low maintenance. The slipping clutch is easily accessible and adjustable. Polygonal design, allows us to replace the wear discs without disassembling the clutch.

Protection class IP65

Hoist and controls are standard now in IP65 protection class - dust proof and protected against water jets making the GP suited for outdoor operation.

Pendant Controls

The pendant fits comfortably in your hand and is ergonomically designed. It is robust, impact-resistant, safe to operate and controlled by 110 V voltage. The external strain relief protects the control cable.


Reliable and long-lasting

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Chain safety factor minimum 8-times (1-fall in FEM, 2m, ISO, M5)
  • Manganese phosphated profile steel chain with increased service life and improved dry-running properties
  • Gearbox with permanent lubrication
  • High safety in operation
  • Low-wear DC-spring-loaded brake
  • No sensitive electronics used
  • Aluminium casing and cover
  • Minimum 1,600 operating hours with 40 % duty cycle, 240 s/h (FEM: 2m, ISO M5)
  • Dry-running slipping clutch
  • Area of application -15° to +50°C

Easy to operate

  • Low dead weight from 14 kg
  • Protection class IP65; suitable for outdoor use
  • Geared limit switches with high accuracy in positioning of the highest and lowest hook position
  • Ergonomic control switch with emergency stop
  • 42 V low voltage control
  • Quiet running with 3-step drive and helical gearing
  • Two speeds as standard
  • Load hook rotated through 360 degrees, with locking safety catch and rubber buffer
  • No special tools for maintenance needed
  • Easy to maintain, wearing parts can be changed easily and quickly
  • Compact housing low headroom

Customer specific

  • Three or single-phase power
  • 230/480 and 575V-3ph-60Hz
  • Various control voltage options
  • Direct control, special control, radio remote control, frequency inverter
  • Special speeds
  • Special versions such as synchronised electric chain hoist, low headroom version, corrosion resistant version
  • Eyebolt or hook suspension
  • Lifting heights up to 200m
  • Hook path with upper and lower end position individually adjustable
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Operating data counter