Overhead Bridge Cranes

Hydramach Overhead Crane manufactures a wide variety of overhead cranes. Single and double girder, top and under running, and motorized and hand geared. Combined with a wide capacity and span range, a multitude of possibilities are available - just about everything you will need for your next overhead crane project.

Single Girder Cranes

The most common type of overhead bridge crane, it covers a wide range of standard applications with spans up to about 60ft and capacities up to about 20 tons.

Double Girder Cranes

Used in longer spans with heavier capacities but also a great choice if headroom is critical, as you can sink the hoist inside (between) the girders as per our ultra low headroom double girder top and under running designs.

Top Running Cranes

The bridge girder is mounted on top of or in a coped section to top running endtrucks that ride on square bar or ASCE rail, which is mounted on top of the runways. Optimal for increasing headroom.

Under Running Cranes

The bridge girder is mounted to under running endtrucks that have single flanged wheels, which ride inside the bottom flange of the runway beams. In this configuration, the bridge girder position is under the endtrucks and runways have less headroom, but allow for a cantilevered load maximizing working space.

Motorized, Hand-Geared and Manual (Push/Pull)

Available in single speed, dual speed and with variable frequency drive (VFD). Generally up to 80 or 100ft/min as standard on the travel side. Manual (push pull) available for smaller capacities and hand geared option with hand chain.

  • Up to 100 foot spans
  • Up to 50 ton capacities
  • Runway structures
  • Structural metal fabrication
  • Freestanding systems
  • Monorail cranes
  • Jib cranes
  • Gantry cranes / semi-gantry cranes
  • Custom cranes
  • Turn key solutions including installation & commissioning